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Sunday, 24 April 2016


Hi Everyone,

So on my road-trip to the Blue Mountains area my mum and I went through Lithgow and went to Ironfest: a steampunk/medieval/war festival for a bunch of adults to act like children... It's great fun and I highly recommend it. It's an annual event and it receives high praise in the media.

Here are some highlights:

At Ironfest you need to be prepared to see anything. People come from all over to cosplay or dress up and have fun.
The dark overlord with his horse...

 And lots of people look really fabulous in their costumes, whether it be steampunk...

Or medieval...

Or cosplaying a famous character...

My mum had bought tickets for two days, but the first day was a lot better. There were more people and the weather was better. Overall the atmosphere was very exciting! 

Here's some more random photos,
such as the horseback jousting and other fights...

Incredible steampunk!
Replica medieval arrowheads, being showed-off by a medieval enthusiast
The RANDOM ARAB in the background!!!!!!!
A belly dancer in the parade
Okay, I included this because he looks so suspicious of everyone and everything and I don't know why!
It's the mayor! She came in full costume and looked fantastic

And last of all a pretty owl!!

That's Ironfest! Overall it's a brilliant festival to go to and a great opportunity to dress up. We found that buying earlybird tickets was certainly worth it for the discout. Here's Ironfest's official website: http://ironfest.net/
So please join us there next year!

Thanks for reading,
Eve out :3 
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