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Monday, 11 April 2016

My Hair & the Sky

Good evening everyone,

So today I dyed my hair, which is becoming a bit of a holiday tradition for me. My last permanent colour has slowly been fading to a bright orange which is not exactly 'natural looking' which my school requires:

Note: When I brush my hair it becomes the ULTIMATE POM-POM!
And this was how 'Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Permanent, Oleo intense warm copper' worked on light-dark brown hair:
And that is with a lot of nice curling product!
nice smiley me :) 

I personally can't see much difference, but my mother can...

Also, on another note, the sky tonight was really special; with bright fairy-floss clouds and a knife-blade moon:
tiny moon! And an annoying powerline...

so pretty!
Two unrelated things in one post, how odd. Oh well, that's a summation of my day really :)

Thanks for reading,
Eve out :3
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  1. Is summation even a word, Eve? Anyway, very pretty photos :)